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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1dark a day in france a night at the ocean aaw abstract abstract apple abstract birds abstract california landscape abstract california sea scape abstract californian landscape abstract daisies abstract figurative abstract figure abstract figure and collage abstract figure painting and collage abstract floral abstract flowers abstract heart abstract heart paintings abstract landcape abstract landscape abstract landscape painting abstract lanscape abstract lovers abstract night abstract northern lights abstract nude figure painting abstract nude model abstract ocean abstract ocean and sky abstract painting abstract painting in green abstract painting of a heart abstract painting of a woman abstract painting of heart abstract painting of love abstract pear abstract poppies abstract portrait abstract rain and fog abstract san francisco abstract seascape abstract sky abstract spring landscape abstract teens abstract wild flowers abstract woman abstract woman with curves acrobatics adult alameda art works almaden alviso alviso wetland amirault amour art art for music album artist artistic rendering portrait artworks asher quinn august baby heart beach beautiful abstract woman beautiful woman big heart bird bird sanctuary birds blooming blooming flowers blue heart bouquet bridge butterfly cake california california abstract landscape painting california coast california landscape california poppies california scenery california seascape california shoreline californian landscape calm candles celebration children's art circus circus act class clouds clouds and water cloudy sky coast coeur cold water collage college romance color colorful abstract colorful abstract bouquet colorful abstract landscape colorful daisies in green vase colorful daisies in red and orange vases colorful floral colorful hair colorful heart colorful sky and blooming field colorful teen colorful teenagers colorful teens colorful woman community community work confetti corporate art corporate art work corporative art cosmos cost cove cover crops daisies dance of the birds dance the birds dancing flowers dancing heart danielle dufayet danika dark clouds decorative art decorative painting desire did i tell you i love you directory discovery discovery love dog dpi dream dusk emilie engagement enjoying the birds' freedom entrance excitement exhibition expression expressionist floral expressive expressive art expressive heart fair family featured femininity festival festive field field of poppies field of red poppies field of wild red flowers fields figurative abstract figurative abstract of a teen girl figurative abstract of teen girl figurative abstract painting figurative collage figure painting first kiss flower vases flowers flowers and vase flowers in a vase fog food fort francisco freedom french fruits gallery garden gate gift gifts and presents girl teenager glow glowing golden golden gate bridge golden hills graniterock design center grass green green red and blue abstract green scene green valley greyfinal group happiness happy birthday happy birthday cake happy heart harmony healing heart healthy food heart heart abstract paintings heart attack hearts hello summer show hills home home decor home staging hope hospital art exhibition hot summer days i am strong imageforvr in full bloom intimacy invitation jagruti johane johane amirault johane amirault cd music graphic johane amirault community work johane amirault exhibition johane amirault exhibitions johane amirault gallery representation johane amirault in the studio johane amirault open studio johane amirault silicon johane amirault solo exhibition joie joy joyful teen july lake land land grass and sky landscape large abstract large abstract california landscape large abstract floral large abstract landscape large art large art for home and office staging large decorative art large decorative painting large decorative paintings large decorative work large landscape painting large painting large paintings large staging painting laughter lavender lavender field lavender fields leaning on you listening to the music living room abstract los gatos museum gallery love love and sky love for children love is in the art love land and sky loving heart magazine make a wish marine head land marriage marsh marshland martin luther king jr library exhibition mason may message to loved ones mike's cafe milky way mist mixed media abstract monterey morning moss motherhood mountains multicultural exhibition mural at heritage house music music cd album graphic night night lights night sky northern lights nude nude model nudity ocean ocean and sky office open open studio orange vase pacific coast pacific ocean page paint painting pary passion peninsula performing photo stream picmonkey piercing pink hair playing heart pond pond and water lily poppies portrait portrait of a teen present profile punk punk teens in love pure abstract pure heart purple daisies rain rainy sky real woman reception red red and blue vases red and orange red blue and green hearts red california abstract poppies red green and purple abstract red green and white abstract painting red heart red poppies red tulips red vase red white and blue reflection relaxation representation reve rolling romance rutherford sacred sacred heart community services sacred heart community services benefit sailboat san francisco san francisco bay san francisco bay area gallery san francisco golden gate bridge san francisco golden gate bridge abstract painting san francisco golden gate bridge painting sana sand scene scene girl scene kid scene teens scene woman school dance school romance seagull seascape sensiality sensuality serenity services sexuality shooting star shooting stars show shy desire silicon silicon valley open studio sky solo art exhibit from johane amirault splashes spring spring abstract painting spring flowers spring into summer spring into summer exhibition spring poppies spring sky staging staging art standing not far starry night stars storm stormy night student studio studios summer summer abstract series summer and spring colors summer and spring garden summer landscape sunrise sunset sunset colors svos swamp sweet dreams sylvie levesque teen teen in jeans teenagers the alameda art works the alameda art works open studio therapeutic art throbbing heart through a window together tulips ucsf unleashed unleashed art gallery unrestricted heart unrestrited heart unveiled and beautiful valentine valentine's valentine's art valentine's art show valentine's day valentines valley veiled woman very large decorative painting very large painting viewpoints wall decor warmth water water scenery waves wetland white heart wild flowers wine winery winter sky wishing stars woman in jeans woman sitting on a sofa work yellow green and blue you are mine you are my valentine
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